MC89 Electric Portable Valve Actuator

Although it is super light and compact, the MC89 Portable Valves Actuator delivers a 900 Nm (660 lb.ft) maximum torque. This makes it the perfect tool for any « Easy » or « Standard » duty job, for any valve type, indoor or outdoor, with a great autonomy. Its two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries allow to use it continuously during up to one hour. For an even more intensive usage, use the main power connection kit that plugs on the actuator just like a battery and provides an unlimited autonomy.

Designed for any type of operation, the MC89 comes with 2 models only that cover a 0 to 320 rpm speed and a 900 Nm maximum torque. No need to say that even the most stubborn valves can be operated! No worry though, the integrated electronic torque limiter will easily prevent any damages for your valve or the tool itself.

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For full specification, download the datasheet.

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