Car Seal 3.5mm Green Pack of 100


Green Self Locking Car Seal, 1000mm x 3.5mm Dia (pack of 100)

• Car seals are used for locking (sealing) a valve in the open or closed position. Often used for long term sealing of valves, e.g. PSV block valve and sprinkler systems
• Once applied to the valve, the valve cannot be operated. To remove the seal the cable must be cut with wire cutters, thereby destroying the seal.
• All car seals come with a unique serial number so that the valve they are fitted to can be identified in process management systems.
• Seal your car seal with a tag to indicate ‘Car Seal Closed’ (CSC) or ‘Car Seal Open’ (CSO). Follow this link to see our tags
• Sold in packs of 100 pieces

Colors available:

• Red
• Green

• Anodized Aluminum Body
• Multi-strand Galvanized Steel Cable (Black, Orange)

• 1000mm Long
• 3.5mm Dia

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