Valve Assist from Total Lockout

Valves often become difficult to operate when not operated regularly, which causes the moving parts within to deteriorate and lubrication to dry up. Over time this can lead to corrosion and damage to the valves themselves.

Total Lockout USA offers a range of portable power tools designed to take the hard work out of operating manual valves of all types. Implementing a program of regular valve actuation using portable valve actuators helps keeps valves from deteriorating over time.

Three Types of Portable Valve Actuators

Depending on your industry and valve type, there are three main types of actuator to choose from.

Cordless Battery
Portable Valve Actuator

Very lightweight but exceptional speed and torque performance. Ideal for quick deployment, and where no flammable gases may exist in the atmosphere.

Portable Valve Actuator

Ideal for use in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and other environments where flammable gasses may be present.

Gasoline Motor
Portable Valve Actuator

Suitable for most industries where no other local power supply is available.

Our Portable Actuators Work With Most Industrial Valves

The images below show the most common type of valves that can be open and closed with our portable actuators, which include butterfly, gate, slide and ball valves.

Note that variations in common industrial valves do exist. We have extensive knowledge of industrial valves, and when you contact us we can guide you to the right actuator as well as accessory to connect the actuator if one is required.

To ensure you get the correct product with your order, call us to discuss your application. We’ll make sure you get the right equipment to suit your specific needs.

When you are ready, give us a call at (727) 608-4325 and let us help!

Gate Valve Portable Actuator
Bare Shaft Direct Drive
Butterfly Valve Portable Actuator
Below Ground Gate Valve
Gear Operated Gate Valve

Recommended Valve Assist Program

A program of valve exercising is essential to keeping valves in good working order and identifying maintenance needs. This is where ‘Valve Assist’ comes in to its own. Each portable drive tool is equipped with a mounting kit designed to couple the drive tool to the valve input shaft or hand wheel. As well as this, the tool incorporates a reaction device designed to absorb any torque load when the valve encounters a tight spot or stops at the end of its stroke.

This all makes Valve Assist a compelling proposition to significantly speed up operation and also reduce the risk of strain injury to the operator.