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Case Study – Lockout Tagout in the Auto Dismantling and Recycling Industry


Across all industries, wherever there are power supplies, energy sources or potentially dangerous machinery, the need to practice safe isolation procedures is paramount. In the auto-dismantling and recycling industries, the machinery and energy sources are unforgiving. For machine operators or maintenance personnel, a momentary loss of concentration or failure to follow simple safe working practices […]

Need help choosing the right MCB Lockout device?

With so many makes and models of lockout devices available on the market, Total Lockout now offer a (free of charge) quick-check CAD modelling service to check the suitability of any lockout device on any host equipment. In this example we are checking how well the Master Lock S2393 universal MCB lockout will fit on […]

The Importance of Lockout Signs and Tags

Lockout signs and tags are an important part of any lockout tagout process and help to prevent hazards in the workplace. They are often used in conjunction with lockout devices for locking off an isolation point and assist in ensuring correct procedures are being adhered to. OSHA regulations for lockout signs and tags consist of […]

New Total Lockout Catalog Launched!

May marks the launch of Total Lockouts’ new product catalog. Inside find over 500 products from our industrial safety range, to help organizations who are seeking to implement safe isolation and safe working practices. Included in the catalog is our full product range of lockout/tagout equipment, car seals, interlock systems and portable valve actuators. To […]