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Circuit Breaker Lockout Design – an R&D Journey

Mitsubishi CP30BA Lockout

There seems to be an infinite number of miniature circuit breakers, RCD’s, MCCB’s and Circuit Protectors on the market and their shape and size is constantly evolving as manufacturers seek out improvements and refinements in their design. This creates an additional challenge for manufacturers of locking devices. It’s widely acknowledged that a circuit breaker is […]

Which lockout fits a Crouse Hinds DS415 Switch?

Crouse Hinds Lockout

There is no OEM locking device available for the Crouse Hinds DS415 switch although the front of the switch body does have hole for applying a padlock. It’s not always possible for the padlock to snag the switch knob meaning it’s possible to override, even when locked. Total Lockout have designed and produced part no. […]

How do you lockout an ABB SACE PR231/P Push Button Circuit Breaker


Here at Total Lockout customers often ask us to help them select the right lockout device for different makes and models of circuit breaker. Renowned manufacturers like Brady and Master Lock offer a wide range of after-market circuit breaker lockouts which will fit most breakers. But from time to time we get requests for some […]

Need help choosing the right MCB Lockout device?

With so many makes and models of lockout devices available on the market, Total Lockout now offer a (free of charge) quick-check CAD modelling service to check the suitability of any lockout device on any host equipment. In this example we are checking how well the Master Lock S2393 universal MCB lockout will fit on […]