How to turn valves below ground, easily

Our engineering team were on site in the lovely quaint English town of Spalding, in the county of Lincolnshire recently. (What3Words location ///pepper.truck.curiosity).

Spalding is well known for its Annual Tulip Parade, where the community gather each year for a carnival of floats decorated with thousand of brightly colored tulips. All this to promote tourism and the local tulip growing industry.

In the centre of town is the high-standing Chatterton Water Tower. Don’t be deceived but its art deco style, 1920’s architecture though. The tower was built in 1955 for water storage and corporate offices of Anglian Water, one of the largest water utility companies in the United Kingdom.


Chatterton Water Towerbelow ground valve

And this was the location that we were invited to to demonstrate a simple and effective way to open and close valves located below ground. Traditionally, valves of this type are turned using a valve key. But as the valve ages, it becomes stiffer to turn. Sometimes requiring more than one operator to complete the task.

The kit being demonstrated by Total Lockout comprises a portable power tool, lightweight and compact but carrying a powerful punch of turning torque and speed. A cap socket to fix on the valve stem, a telescopic extension piece to reach below ground, and a torque-reaction support stand to protect the operator from counter-rotation torque.

All this kit fits into a convenient, rugged, wheeled storm case making it easy to transport in work vans and trucks, and giving mobility across rough ground.

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