The evolution of the needle valve lockout

The latest needle valve lock development from Total Lockout supersedes previous models.

Our original needle valve lockout was well received by industry but it had a couple of weaknesses. The main problem was the key incorporated a coded magnet in a molded plastic key body. This had only 8 different key codes available. For customers needing many more locks with unique keys, this became a problem.

Our later model introduced a mechanical key with a radial pin tumbler locking mechanism. While this device gave us many many more unique key codes, customers commented that it couldn’t be incorporated into their lockout/tagout programs because it couldn’t be locked with a safety padlock.

Taking these constructive comments on board, we designed a new lock and this was launched in early 2023. The new lock is a much simpler design and is lockable with a safety padlock, thereby enabling it to be incorporated into LOTO procedures.

With the padlock in place, the locking head free wheels preventing engagement of the valve drive mechanism.

With the lock removed, the lock head can be pressed down, engaging drive and normal valve operation.


Early signs are that this latest model delivers all the features and performance the customer needs.

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Original version with magnetic key
2nd version with radial pin tumbler lock cylinder
Needle Valve Lockout
Latest version, lockable with a safety padlock.