Prevent chemical or fuel spillages entering the water course

The transfer of chemicals or fuels at water treatment plants must be completed with care to ensure that any accidental spillages don’t run away and enter the water course.

A safety interlock system from Total Lockout can safeguard against this risk.

  • Most plants will have a spillage capture bund already built in at the location where the transfer of chemicals or fuel takes place.
  • The tanker wagon usually parks up, connects the transfer hoses and begins the transfer.
  • Any spillages will run away into the capture bund – but this assumes the tanker driver or plant operator has first closed the valve which diverts the spill to the capture tank.
  • The drain valve and the valve on the transfer hoses can be fitted with key interlocks such that the transfer hose valve cannot be opened until the drain valve is closed.
  • It’s a fool-proof system that compels the operators to carry out the task in the correct sequence.

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