Portable valve actuators make flood management easier.

Our parent company in the United Kingdom do a lot of work with The Environment Agency. This is a government body with responsibility for many environmental aspects, including flood management.


There are stretches of rivers and waterways which pose the threat of flooding to urban populated areas during high rainfall. To help manage this risk, gate valves and sluices upstream can be opened up, allowing the rising flood water to spill out onto unpopulated land.

Operating these valves can be difficult. Often they’re in remote areas. The valves and sluices are large and can sometimes take hours to turn manually.

  • A program of valve exercising was implemented to ensure the valves (some of which are many decades old) are well maintained and will turn without incident in times of flood crisis.
  • To make the valve exercising much easier, The Environment Agency bought portable valve actuators from Total Lockout.
  • These actuators, either battery-powered or gasoline motor, can be easily transported to the valve location, quickly deployed, and complete the valve turning task easily and without drama.
  • For valves which have become very tough to turn, a high torque model is used which can release valves which have become seized.

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