Duke Energy choose Portable Valve Actuators from Total Lockout

Fall 2020: The H.B. Robinson Nuclear Energy Plant in Hartsville South Carolina have chosen the latest MC89# cordless portable valve actuator from Total Lockout for use with the Limitorque SMB Series fixed actuators.

For critical valves which have fixed actuators on board, there must always be a means to operate the valve in the event of a power outage. The fixed actuator usually incorporates an override handwheel enabling the valve to be turned manually.

But for large valves, this can require many hundreds of wheel rotations, make this manual task lengthy and tiresome.

The MC89# portable valve actuator is supplied with a series of drive sleeves which adapt the output shaft of the portable actuator onto the input shaft of the Limitorque SMB. Once connected, operation is as simple as pulling the trigger in a hand drill.


MC89 Valve Actuator

The MC89E can complete 1000 wheel turns in just over 3 minutes. For valves with much higher turning torque, the MC89S can output almost 700 ft/lbs torque.

The MC89# is compact and lightweight and easy to deploy. This means it’s convenient to transport around the worksite to any valves which need operating in this way.

A range of valve wheel drive plates are also available which enables the portable actuator to connect directly onto the valve wheel.


Click here to download the MC89# datasheet.


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