Universal valve lockouts provide locking integrity

universal valve lockoutThis weird-looking device is actually a valve lockout. It’s rarely the first choice as a means to lockout valves as part of a lockout/Tagout/tryout procedure, but this type of device arguably offers the greatest integrity.

Why is that?

Readers who have seen my previous short videos on valve lockouts know that achieving a snug fit of the locking device on a valve, especially lever-operated valves is a difficult thing to do. This is because the shape of the top of the valve varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. Often the locking devices rattle around on the lever, barely offering any locking function. At most, it’s a visual indicator that the valve is ‘locked’.

  • The device in the images clamps onto the valve lever. This immediately creates a positive, fixed interface between the locking device and the valve lever.
  • The adjustable blocking arm can be rotated until it butts up against a fixed object; in the illustration, it’s the pipe on which the valve is fitted.
  • The clamp knob on the top rotates to hold everything firmly in place, and a safety padlock engages with the clamp knob to prevent unauthorised removal.
  • The range of movement in the lever clamp and the blocking arm means that it really is universal. It will fit a wide range of valve sizes from ½” upwards, and regardless of the cross-section of the valve lever, you can still get positive engagement.
  • It’s not pretty, nor ergonomic, but it is a positive, fixed lockout device which won’t fall off. It will prevent inadvertent or accidental operation of the valve. And where lockout / Tagout / tryout procedures are concerned, that’s all that’s expected.

For more information about finding the right locking device for your valve, contact Total Lockout today.

This device comes in a variety of permutations. To buy this version, with a single blocking arm

For locking the butterfly valve, no blocking arm is required. Use the clamp only version.

For locking ball valves open AND closed, choose this universal valve clamp lockout.

For wheel-operated valves, you’ll need a cable accessory. Choose this universal clamp lockout with cable.