Operate valves below ground, with a portable valve actuator

below ground portable valve actuatorValves located below ground are usually operated from ground level by an operator with a Tee Key. As the condition of the valve deteriorates due to wear and tear, or general old age, the valve can become difficult to turn.

The effort applied by the operator can lead to back and shoulder strain, potentially leading to a medical leave of absence.

A portable valve actuator from Total Lockout can significantly reduce the physical demands on the operator, and speed up the process of opening and closing the valve.

For below-ground valves, a telescopic extension shaft and square drive cap connect to the drive shaft of the valve. A torque management system ensures the actuator won’t twist or rotate in the opposite direction as the load on the valve increases.

Either a foot-held anchor stand or a reaction bar which can fit into the tow hitch of a vehicle keeps everything fixed in place.

Choose between either a cordless electric, gasoline motor or pneumatic actuator depending on your application or work environment.

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