Operate a sluice gate with a portable valve actuator

Gear operated slide valveIn water treatment facilities and municipal waterways, large sluice gates, penstocks and slide valves are used to control the flow of water.

A valve exercising program can be used to ensure valves are kept in good working condition, but the task of turning valves can be difficult or tiresome. Often because the valve has become stiff to turn, or because the wheel has many rotations from opened to closed.

A hand-held portable actuator from Total Lockout can take all the hard work out of turning troublesome valves. These can connect directly to the drive nut or the valve wheel, regardless of its orientation.

A range of drive adaptors and plates designed to fit all shapes and sizes of valve wheels means deploying the device is quick and easy.

For valves with a high number of shaft rotations, a portable actuator turning at up to 100 rpm can make really light work out of this task. Similarly, if the valve is tight to turn, torque output is up to 1000Nm or 740 ft/lbs, and no valve is too tough.

In remote locations where there is no available power supply, an electric (battery-powered) or gasoline motor portable actuator ensures full autonomy.

In this application illustration, the following items are being used:

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