Operate a gate valve with a portable valve actuator

Gate Valve Portable ActuatorAll types of gate valves regardless of their size can become difficult to turn, even if they are newly installed.

Tight valve wheels can lead to strain injuries for operators, extended operating times and the deployment of additional staffing to get the job done. All of these factors can increase costs.

Investing in a portable valve actuator from Total Lockout can speed up valve operation activity, reduce staffing to complete the task and negate the chance of strain injury. All these factors can help drive down costs.

If the gate valve has a direct drive, or a reduction gearbox the portable valve actuator can connect directly to the bare stem of the gearbox, or onto the valve wheel using a universal wheel drive plate.

Direct wheel drive gate valves usually have a rising stem which passes through the centre of the valve wheel during opening and closing. To accommodate this requirement a Banjo Head can be added to the portable valve actuator.

In the image, a gasoline motor, portable valve actuator, complete with banjo head and universal wheel drive plate is being used to turn a 10″ dia gate valve.

If a gasoline motor actuator is forbidden in your workplace, consider a pneumatic portable valve actuator instead,

Whatever the particular needs for your valves, or your working environment, we have the ideal portable valve actuator for your needs.



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