Operate a ball valve with a portable valve actuator

ball valve portable actuatorIf you have large-diameter ball valves, particularly high-pressure valves, they could well be difficult to turn manually.

Ball valves above 6″ in diameter are often fitted with a gearbox to reduce the effort required to turn them. But they can still be difficult to turn.

A hand-held portable actuator from Total Lockout can take all the hard work out of turning troublesome valves. If you have ball valves, it’s likely you may be in an offshore environment or where flammable gases may linger in the atmosphere.

In these environments a pneumatic portable actuator is ideal. It doesn’t present any spark risk and is ATEX II 2 GD c IIC T6 to T4 certified. A range of drive adaptors and plates designed to fit all shapes and sizes of valve wheels means deploying the device is quick and easy.

Torque output is up to 1000Nm or 740 ft/lbs, there’s always a portable valve actuator available to turn the toughest valves.

In this application illustration, the following items are being used:

  • HL83S – Pneumatic Portable Valve Actuator
  • BJH01 – Banjo Head – this turns the drive axis through 90 degrees
  • FSB356 – Wheel Drive Adaptor
  • Filter, Regulator, Lubro Unit – Cleans, drys and lubricates the air
  • TTA002 – Integrator between Banjo Head and FSB356


If you need help turning ball valves, contact Total Lockout today.