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Operate valves below ground, with a portable valve actuator

below ground portable valve actuator

Valves located below ground are usually operated from ground level by an operator with a Tee Key. As the condition of the valve deteriorates due to wear and tear, or general old age, the valve can become difficult to turn. The effort applied by the operator can lead to back and shoulder strain, potentially leading […]

Operate a gate valve with a portable valve actuator

Gear Operated Gate Vavle

All types of gate valves regardless of their size can become difficult to turn, even if they are newly installed. Tight valve wheels can lead to strain injuries for operators, extended operating times and the deployment of additional staffing to get the job done. All of these factors can increase costs. Investing in a portable […]

Operate a ball valve with a portable valve actuator

ball valve portable actuator

If you have large-diameter ball valves, particularly high-pressure valves, they could well be difficult to turn manually. Ball valves above 6″ in diameter are often fitted with a gearbox to reduce the effort required to turn them. But they can still be difficult to turn. A hand-held portable actuator from Total Lockout can take all […]

Operate a sluice gate with a portable valve actuator

Gear operated slide valve

In water treatment facilities and municipal waterways, large sluice gates, penstocks and slide valves are used to control the flow of water. A valve exercising program can be used to ensure valves are kept in good working condition, but the task of turning valves can be difficult or tiresome. Often because the valve has become […]