Which lockout fits a Crouse Hinds DS415 Switch?

There is no OEM locking device available for the Crouse Hinds DS415 switch although the front of the switch body does have a hole for applying a padlock.

It’s not always possible for the padlock to snag the switch knob meaning it’s possible to override, even when locked.

Total Lockout has designed and produced part no. ELO-2167 switch cover locking device for this application. Designed to be locked with a safety padlock, it can also be adapted to lock with a Camlock.

  • To fit the device you must remove the four existing fascia screws.
  • The cover body slides into place over the switch fascia and the same retaining screws are used to fix the body cover in place.
  • A hinged cover lid gives you access to the switch knob. The lid cover has a facility for locking with a padlock.

Crouse Hinds DS415Crouse Hinds locked closed