How do you lockout an ABB SACE PR231/P Push Button Circuit Breaker

Here at Total Lockout customers often ask us to help them select the right lockout device for different makes and models of circuit breakers. Renowned manufacturers like Brady and Master Lock offer a wide range of after-market circuit breaker lockouts which will fit most breakers. But from time to time we get requests for some weird and wonderful MCCB’s where there is no obvious actuator, lever or toggle on the breaker which can be locked with a safety padlock.

And that is the case with Push Button breakers where the buttons are reset into the fascia of the breaker.

Most recently we were asked for a lockout device for an ABB SACE PR231/P breaker. We checked with the manufacturer and established quite quickly that there were two OEM devices available for this breaker type.


The first one is ELO-1SDA062132R1 is basically a blocking device. It is fitted to the breaker by removing the fascia and securing it in place. It blocks access to the push buttons; operation can only be achieved with a special ‘push tool’. While this may be an effective deterrent against the inadvertent operation, it can’t really be classified as a lockout device because no padlocks are involved.

The second device is ELO-1SDA069656R1. This is also fitted by removing the fascia plate but incorporates a latch and staple enabling up to three padlocks, or a lockout hasp to be used.

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